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Enjoy the best trekking mendoza, get ready for the best mountaineering in the central Andes in hands of proffesional mountain guides, Andes Vertical offers treks for all public and different levels of difficulty , most of our treks are in the best areas of the central andes with relative easy access, the main objet of our trips are the views, enjoyment and challenging experiences, the options for  the tekking mendoza are the provincial parks Aconcagua, Cordon del Plata, Uco Valley and Potrerillos, after many years of experience we know were we have to take you based of the experience and fitness of our clientes with us you will enjoy the best treks in Mendoza for sure!

Aconcagua Area


Aconcagua 6959m is the highest peak in the Andes. It is located entirely in Argentina near the large city of Mendoza. Because Aconcagua is an easy climb and the highest peak in the Americas, it is now the busiest mountain in South America. Permission is required to trek in the National Park that surrounds the mountain and also to climb Aconcagua, but this is easy to arrange (and pay for) in Mendoza, a pleasant city only a few hours from the start of the trail.

The normal route on Aconcagua takes most people about two weeks. First there is a two day walk from Puente del Inca to the base camp at Plaza de Mulas at 4200m. From here the ascent is over scree with some snow patches and three or more higher camps will be needed before the final climb up the north-west ridge and a steep scree gully known as the canaleta.

If you aren’t interested in climbing Aconcagua the two day trek to see the spectacular south face of this mountain is highly recommended. Follow the normal route to Confluencia then turn right to reach the Glaciar Horcones Inferior.

On the Chilean side of the mountains the small village of Baños Morales makes a good base for short walks and excursions. You can do many day walks from here that will take you up quiet Alpine valleys with views to the higher peaks. On the Argentine side of the mountains the ski resort of Vallecitos offers similar day walks, but there is no accommodation in summer.

Aconcagua from the east. Aconcagua from the east.


With big rivers and several big cities in the area it is no surprise that rafting is quite well developed in this area. The Rio Maipo on the Chilean side of the Andes is a popular descent as is the Rio Mendoza on the Argentine side.


This central part of Chile and Argentina is the best place in South America to come for an exotic skiing holiday. Remember that the seasons are reversed and the best snow is found in July-September. The best resorts on the Chilean side of the Andes are Portillo, Valle Nevado and La Parva/Colorado. These three are modern purpose built resorts with hotels, 10-15 lifts each and up to 1000m of descents. It is also possible to ski all three of these resorts as day trips from Santiago. On the Argentine side of the Andes there is an international standard resort at Las Leñas 500km south of Mendoza and smaller resorts at Vallecitos and Penitentes just outside the city.

See our Ski information pages for more details.

Argentina and Chile Factfile

When to go – The summer months of December to February are best, but in the northern Puna activities are possible all year except in the midwinter months of July-September. Go skiing from July to September

Weather – The weather is generally very stable, but the high altitudes mean it can be very cold. Aconcagua and the Puna de Atacama get a lot of strong winds.

Flights – For the Aconcagua area fly to Santiago or Mendoza (via Buenos Aires) at a cost of £900-£1000 from London. For the Puna de Atacama fly to either Copaipo in Chile or Catamarca in Argentina (about £1200)


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Cordon del Plata