Trekking in Mendoza is one of the seven South American countries that are home to the mighty Andes Range. The vast and varied terrains of the mountain range make it an excellent spot for hiking and trekking.

Mendoza, Argentina sits at the base of the Andes and is a prime destination for outdoor activities. The beautiful region has the perfect climate for growing grapes and makes exceptional wine. There are always a lot of fun and exciting things to do in Mendoza, but one of the best experiences to have here is trekking in the magnificent mountains.

Here’s why Mendoza is so amazing

  •  You first get to explore this city with its unique culture and a wide variety of wine.
  • Trekking in Mendoza is not complete without going horseback riding which is an adventure in itself. Horseback riding is one of the best ways to discover the different sights of the countryside.
  • Mendoza’s location at the base of the Andes Mountains gives it some of the best trekking spots in the country.
  • With so many options for trekking, there is something for everyone. Beginners can enjoy the easier treks while experienced trekkers can get more adventurous.
  • Adventure companies like Andes Vertical Mountain Guides provide a safe experience for anyone no matter the level of trekking expertise. When trekking in Mendoza, everyone can enjoy the immense beauty of the surroundings knowing that they are in good hands.

Visit Mendoza in Argentina for the trekking adventure of a lifetime.

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