Trekking in Argentina

The best trekking in Argentina is located in the central Andes Mendoza. If you are looking for wild and inhospitable non-technical and safe with stable weather, Mendoza is the best place to think that the best Trekking’s in Argentina are situated in this huge province located in front of the Central Andes. Aconcagua offers mainly treks from one to five days, where you can enjoy the infrastructure used in the camps for the expeditions, from the camps you can walk spectacular viewpoints of the southern wall of Aconcagua and other mountains and valleys around. Another very interesting and little-known trekking is located in front of Mount Aconcagua. This is a trekking of 3 days to the top of Mount Penitentes where you can see the mountain Aconcagua from a spectacular and excellent angle to photograph this huge mountain from another perspective, you can also see the huge volcano Tupungato more than 6 thousand meters high. Other offers of trekking in altitude are located in the mountain range called Cordon del Plata. In this place, there are numerous mountain refuges where you can begin your trekking to the top of easy mountains of three thousand and four meters to six thousand meters with spectacular views of the central Andes. We believe that Mendoza is the best place in Argentina to enjoy the magnitude of the enormous mountains of the Andes.

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