Mendoza in Argentina is a beautiful city located at the foot of the Andes Mountains and surrounded by wine country. The region is famed for its Malbec wine, slow-cooked meats and outdoor activities. When in Mendoza you need to experience every aspect of this spectacular area to truly understand what Mendoza is all about.

Our top picks for what you need to do in Mendoza:

  1. Andes Expeditions: No trip to Mendoza is complete without exploring the mighty Andes. Companies like Andes Vertical Mountain Guides organize expeditions in different parts of the Andes Range. Spend a day trekking in these magnificent mountains for an experience you will never forget.
  2. Mountaineering: Mountaineering in the Andes lets you get up close and personal with this spectacular area where the views will take your breath away. The different mountains have a variety of terrains and there is something to suit every skill level.
  3. Hiking in Mendoza: Strap on your backpack and take a hike when you are in Mendoza. Being one with the Andes mountains enriches your soul and challenges you physically. The immense joy that comes from hiking to the top of a mountain is immeasurable.
  4. Rock Climbing: Andes Vertical has rock climbing packages that cater to every skill level from beginner to advanced. The gear is of the highest quality to ensure your complete safety. Whether you are learning rock climbing or perfecting your skills, you should go rock climbing in Mendoza.
  5. Horseback Riding: One of the best ways to enjoy the sights of Mendoza is on horseback. You can explore the Central Andes while majestically riding on a gorgeous Argentinean Horse.
  6. Cycle Tours: While public transport might not be the best option to visit the Mendoza countryside you could always rent a cycle for a day. Touring the surrounding areas of the city on a cycle can not only get you around to more places but will also help you work off some of that excellent wine and cheese.
  7. Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tours: When in Mendoza the wine will call out to you. An activity that has to be included in your stay in Mendoza is a tour of the vineyards and wine tasting. There are over a thousand vineyards in the area to choose from so do a bit of research and find one that you would really like to visit. Needless to say, the wines are exquisite!

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