Aconcagua Expedition

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere, located in western Argentina, near the Chile border. There are about 3,500 climbers trying the summit each year . The ‘Normal Route’ is non-technical – a walk-up, following the Northwest Ridge. It is the altitude that poses the most problem. That and the sense that this is an easy climb. Every year people die because they underestimate the task at hand. Respect this mountain and you will fare better. You should not attempt alone, you should always have someone watching you. Much of the hiking is on scree. On the Normal and Polish Traverse routes there are no permanent snow fields, but crampons and ice axe may still be required in some sections. If you are fortunate the final 1,000 feet is covered with ice and snow. You can then crampon up this much more easily than when it is loose scree after a dry winter. This year in January  the Caneleta had hardpacked snow with some icey sections that was easily cramponed making the top section much quicker (in relative terms). Many who neglected to bring crampons were turned back by these conditions.

This following year 2017  you will find snow due the high amount of snow during the winter season. Water sources on the walk into Plaza Argentina were few and far between. So be advised that you should fill up three bottles for the walk in each day. The mountain itself was normal for water. Lots of pipes at base camp (plaza Argentina). But you are supposed to only use the pipe of the Base Camp provider that you hired for your trip. Using Andes Vertical Services the group made the summit and everyone was happy about that.