Hikers in the mountain, Andes, Argentina, South America

You can Hiking in Mendoza throughout the year depending on the region. Mendoza has tremendous variation in climates due to the vast differences in altitude. The low land plain (600-1200m), the midland hills are warm temperate (1200-2100m) and cool temperate( 2100-3300m) and the high mountains are Alpine (3300-5000m) and Tundra (5000-6900). Mid of September to mid of April is considered the best time to trek in Mendoza

The best Mendoza hiking locations are The famous Aconcagua Park considering one of the best hiking destinations in the world, then Mt.Penitentes Located right in front of Aconcagua Park is one of the best hiking trips in Mendoza where you will find the best views of Mt Aconcagua and Tupungato Volcano, the hiking is very enjoyable and has an intermediate difficulty you can test the wilderness of the Andes with amazing views in only three days. Finally, Cordon del Plata Park is one of the best destinations for hiking if you are looking for a day to five days hike in the middle of the Central Andes. Finally, Arenales Park located southwest of Mendoza in Uco Valley is another excellent location in a completely different Patagonian landscape. Take part in the best Mendoza hiking tours and contact us for more information!