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Andes Vertical is an adventure company specializing in outdoors activities, hiking, mountain expeditions and rock climbing for all levels in Mendoza Argentina 

From the first step to the summit and back, Andes Vertical is there to provide you an outstanding and safe experience. At Andes Vertical we go to great lengths to ensure every aspect of your trip is an enjoyable one. Our guides are  highly skilled mountaineers and rock climbers in Argentina. Each has passion for the mountains that makes it easy to form new friendships and create memorable experiences for everyone. Many of our guides also have academic backgrounds in fields such as environmental and outdoor education, social work and teaching, that can enhance your adventure. All our guides and staff go beyond expectations to make your trip enjoyable!

Things to do in Mendoza

Mendoza is located at the base of the Andes in western Argentina and is just a stone's throw from the nearby Chilean border, and capital, Santiago. Mendoza is home to over 100 wineries and vineyards, and is fast becoming the epicenter of wine culture in South America. Famous for the Malbec and sublime Cabernet, Mendoza wine tours and tastings are the perfect way to discover the next best South American wine, and with many international gourmet restaurants, European styled cafes and boutique hotels, it is no wonder that visitors to Mendoza return year after year.

Besides the viniculture, Mendoza is home to incredibly scenic mountains, including Aconcagua Mountain, the western hemispheres tallest at 6962 meters (22841 feet) and with a plethora of adventurous activities that are available nearby (including horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and white water rafting), Mendoza is an outdoor lover´s paradise.a, mt aconcagua expedition, guide tours in Argentina, adventure in argentina , adventure in Mendoza

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Featured Trips

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Mount Aconcagua from the first step to the summit we will be there to provide a highly rewarding experience for you. [+ info]

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Aconcagua snowshoes an excellent opportunity to experience the highest mountain in Americas        [+ info]

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Rock climbing in Mendoza enjoy a guide multi-pitch climbing experience, selected routes at all levels! [+ info]

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Trekking in Mendoza a perfect program for those looking to explore the Andes wilderness [+ info]

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Mount Aconcagua south face explore Aconcagua's fascinating glaciers, rivers and base camp           [+ info]

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A day hiking in Mendoza in the wild 'Cordon del Plata' mountain range, appropriate for all levels [+ info]

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